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Here in the Archdiocese of Washington we strive to promote an environment where young men are invited and encouraged to be open to the call to the priesthood. Your Appeal donations help to make this mission a reality. Quo Vadis events and discernment retreats offer high school aged men and young adults spaces to prayerfully reflect on their calling.

Catholic Education

Catholic identity is intrinsic to our schools. With a strong educational foundation and rigorous academic programs, our students are prepared to meet today’s challenges and opportunities. Without tuition assistance supported by your Appeal donations, many children couldn’t experience the integration of academics and a faith encounter. Learn more about Catholic Education in this article from Dr. Jem Sullivan, Secretary for Education.

Diversity and Outreach

The Office of Cultural Diversity and Outreach works to assist pastors and parish leaders in building communities that welcome and support the unique spiritual needs of those belonging to different ethnic and cultural backgrounds.